Sell with us

Nowadays selling a house is harder than before: there are a lot of properties for sale but really interested buyers are very few.
The risk of selling after many months, at a low price, or not selling at all, is tangible.

That's what we can do for you:

  • checking property and papers
  • testing actual selling chances
  • findings detection
  • planning a customized selling strategy
  • possible home makeover
  • selling or short term let intended to onward sale

Your benefits:

  • Turn-key home makeover, at the best price, according to buyers wishings
  • Sell first: well furnished and upgraded home
  • Sell better: well furnished and upgraded home
  • Earn till the sale: until than you get an incoming by the short term let of your home
  • Keep the availability of your home: you may use it, while you are not renting
  • No risk: you entrust the makeover of your home to our experts, who already know what buyers want
  • No worry: we directly take care of managing and selling your property
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